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hahaha loved it

i loved that

haha man that was great i laughed as soon as i seen the dog drivin the car lol that was goood its goin in my fav's


u ppl need to lightin up..great animation and sound and stuff!..sensitive subject i agree but fuck who care! it was funny and sum1 should put that poor woman out of her misery

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Your so cold harted..everyone liked steve irwin

Well i have to say that i did like the game, i had a few laughs while playing it, aiming could be improved in my opinion, kinda pisses me off when the stinger passes right through the guy n dosent hit..lol but damn man your an asshole! you cannot honestly say that you did not like the guy, i mean that fucker was crazy he fought corcks n shit, and for the sheer fact that he was one crazy australian motherfucker you should be deeply ashamed of your self for creating this game.
nice game tho lol.

This mother fucker cant even spell

DUDE learn how to fuckin spell...u spelt "the" wrong twice and its "point" not poynte...game is G A M E ...also lives is spelt wrong and i mean u spelt safe right but it should be save lives not safe them...lol and the only words u managed to spell correct in that sentence only have two letters.....and thats just the spelling mistakes in ur comment about the game so dont even get me started about all the shit u fucked up in the game.....that was a truly horrible experience..i want to cut that fuckin cats head off it save one more balck&white cut out of a celebrity or a god damn building that no one cares about ne more!!!

Nice game!

hey man that was a pretty sweet game..loved how u did the Xp login screen and all that shit..lol unlike sum ppl have said this isnt very realistic because there is NO one who would get that many IM's at one time..lol also it was cool cuz that looks exactly like my desktop cept for the internet explorer..lol

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I agree

I agree 100% with scullcrusher, needs sum nasty bass


Sickalisious haha very nice man, id just lose or change the vocals and yah Premo!

umm this is supose to be Dance?

it alright not really my thing, and i realy wouldnt class this as dance? i couldnt dance to it thats for sure..like the orcastra thrwn in

Stalagmite responds:

In all fairness what available genre would you have put it in? that was my problem lol.
Its simply a remix of a song i like, but your right. it is quite slow for a dance song. Mind you "dance" isnt exaclty all that specific. and it depends how you dance lol.
No really. i am greatful for your input. thanks alot dude for the first comment on this song. :D

Blah Blah Blah your needs

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